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Be ready to many PvP/PK's and PVE :) Please Send this server all your friends who plays Lineage 2  and "Dont Forget!" VOTE 4 US! More Players = More Fun :)

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L2 Edifice information

Stable Interlude server
Rates- exp- 5000 sp-5000- adena -6000 drop-10?\
Enchant- Safe 5    max 16 Chance -80% normal 100% blessed

Custom Npc's: Buffer, Gmshop, Custom Gatekeeper, Karma Guards.
Buff time 7 hours.
26+4 Buff Slots.
15 Song&Dance Slots.
*TvT Event with 4 Teams every 2 Hours.
Siege Working.

Custom armors,mask,weapons
Npc for Color name
Pvp color system
Olympiad Working.
Hero Every 2 Weeks.
4 Hours Olympiad every day (18:00-22:00).
No Lag.
Join us.

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